I have known for a long time that I wanted to go on a mission trip.

Attending Catholic schools and going to Mass every weekend, I have always been taught about the importance of charity. For the longest time I thought charity meant simply giving to the less fortunate. However, in Grade 7, I got involved with Me to We and Free the Children which changed my understanding of what charity really meant.

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Kielburgers took lessons learned at Brebeuf to Free the Children

TORONTO - If you want to make people believe in something they’ve never seen and half the world says is impossible, start young. The Kielburger brothers learned that lesson from the Jesuits at Brebeuf College in Toronto.

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Martin Sheen grew up in a home where rights were something you fought for.

The actor’s activism was inspired by his immigrant father who risked his factory job fighting for the right to unionize despite having 10 children and a wife at home relying on the wage he earned.

“It was an introduction into the real world,” said Sheen, recalling his father’s teachings of pride against prejudice. “My father was my hero, he struggled against prejudice (and) against the system basically.”

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