Mere months removed her June 2020 convocation at Calgary’s St. Mary’s University, Kate Gillis’ days are full of Zoom call collaboration and deep-dive independent research.

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Canada’s bishops are continuing to study federal legislation that provides legal protections for Indigenous communities in the form of internationally recognized rights.

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A sneak peak at a forthcoming guide to reconciliation between Indigenous Canadians and the rest of us has Toronto Catholic District School Board Indigenous education central resource teacher Frank Pio excited about the good it might do in high school classrooms.

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Martha Wilson first noticed the performing gene in her son Phoenix when he was just two years old.

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To say that legislation on the rights of Canada’s Indigenous peoples was overdue is more than an understatement. It is a tragedy.

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WINDSOR, Ont. -- It’s not Christian teachings that have been at the root of discrimination and oppression in the way whites have treated Indigenous people, but how Church leaders have interpreted those teachings, Senator Murray Sinclair said.

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Is there no middle ground to be found?

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An Indigenous garden project underway in Toronto looks to bring hope and light to the province in the journey towards healing from the dark past of residential schools.

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VANCOUVER -- For nearly 11 years, Deacon Rennie Nahanee has experienced extreme highs and lows as co-ordinator of First Nations Ministry for the Archdiocese of Vancouver.

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Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre donated 100 supermarket food vouchers and over 200 pre-made meals to help young people in need.

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OTTAWA -- Trust and respect. It is easy to say, but hasn’t always been easy to follow during the long history of the Catholic Church and Canada’s Indigenous communities.

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Deacon Michael James Robinson has a lifetime of experience that tells him systemic racism is real and it’s embedded in Canadian history and culture.

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Making an impact in the world doesn’t have to be an accomplishment reserved for the later years of life. At 16, Haana Edenshaw has already made considerable strides towards raising environmental awareness and protecting her land.

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It’s been a turbulent few months. Crowds blocking rail lines, protesters waving placards and RCMP officers barricading land are some of the dramatic images of discontent across Canada.

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As we enter the third decade of the 2000s, the Department of Indigenous Studies at the University of Sudbury can look back 45 years to the elders who set the stage for the growth of Indigenous Studies as a discipline across Canada and, indeed, across the world.

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