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What is happening to The Catholic Register? It used to report about Catholic Canadian values. Now it consistently bashes Donald Trump. Trump is not perfect, but which politician is? However, he is pro-life. Because of his pro-life belief, the tide may be turning in the United States. Millions of children can be saved.

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OTTAWA – Pro-life MPs are accepting that the battle against assisted suicide is one that can’t be won, but are looking at ways they can help implement protections for vulnerable people.

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OTTAWA - The Liberal government kicked off Holy Week on March 21 by giving the boot to the Office of Religious Freedom.

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OTTAWA - As Canada enters a new round of large budget deficits and rising federal debt, Catholic social teaching provides no straightforward answers on the wisdom of deficit economics.

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OTTAWA - In the face of political and public criticism, a Liberal directive that would have forced its MPs to vote the party line on an upcoming assisted-dying bill has been put on hold.

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OTTAWA - The Criminal Code, the Supreme Court and even the Pope uphold that a parent is entitled within reasonable limits to spank a child. But on the heels of a call by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to prohibit spanking, the Liberal government has promised to amend the Criminal Code to abolish a parent’s right to physically discipline children.

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Ottawa - As the new Liberal government pushes ahead with an ambitious plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees by Christmas, it is also faces urgent challenges on three other issues important to the Church: climate change, indigenous rights and assisted suicide.

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OTTAWA - Canada’s new Liberal government has announced the launch of an ambitious initiative to fulfill a campaign promise and rescue 25,000 Syrian refugees by Christmas.

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OTTAWA - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his new 30-member cabinet face big challenges as the new Liberal government now must decide which election promises to make reality, say observers.

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OTTAWA - As Canadians signalled they were ready for change in Ottawa, giving Justin Trudeau and the Liberals a majority mandate to rule the land, pro-lifers raised concerns about what exactly is in store for Canada.

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Organizers of a controversial anti-abortion campaign will not back down despite protests about the graphic nature of postcards that have been delivered to mailboxes in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

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TORONTO - A motion calling for the province to delay implementation of Ontario's controversial new sex-ed curriculum in Toronto Catholic schools has been defeated.

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TORONTO - The voice of parents must be heard, a determined group of parents upset with Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum has vowed.

They gathered again at Queen’s Park, almost 2,000 of them, on June 7 to denounce Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberal government for moving forward with the curriculum.

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Attack ads rule the airwaves. Sponsored Facebook posts are trying to flush out political supporters with a click. The twitterverse is dividing up by hashtags. The 2015 vote may be four months away, but political parties are already in election mode.

Churches are also warming up for the coming vote.

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OTTAWA - Justin Trudeau is acting contrary to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms by denying Liberal party members a free vote on matters of conscience, charged a Conservative MP during a Parliament debate.

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