The Holy Week chaos that hit Ontario churches when the Ford government slammed on its COVID “emergency brake” hours before Good Friday is part of the chain reaction of frustration faithful Canadians are experiencing.

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Resurrecting The Resurrection has not been easy. Over 80 singers, dancers, musicians, set designers and more have been through quarantine, donned masks, practised at a distance to remount an Opera Atelier production that was stopped dead in its tracks just before Easter 2020.

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The day Presentation Manor went into lockdown for COVID-19 was Charles Hendrick’s birthday, but he wasn’t there to celebrate. He had died the previous October of pancreatic cancer.

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OTTAWA -- Most Catholics and religious Canadians are trying to maintain a connection to their faith during the ongoing COVID pandemic.

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Ontario’s stay-at-home order put into effect at 12:01 a.m. today won’t change current restrictions currently in place for worship services in Toronto.

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Just over a year into a global pandemic, churches in the Archdiocese of Toronto began holding Masses again just in time for Easter — albeit with 15-per-cent seating capacity. The past year will go down as a significant event in the history of the modern Church in Canada, and leads to questions about the nature of theological approaches to history itself.

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VANCOUVER -- The 96-hour rollercoaster of emotions for Catholics gearing up for Easter this year ended on a low note.

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MOUNT OF BEATITUDES, Israel -- The palm tree fronds in the convent garden of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary rustle loudly in the brisk wind of an early spring dust storm, but, stepping into the chapel of the Church of the Beatitudes, there is silence.

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A group of Toronto high school students is spreading some Easter season cheer and brightening the days of residents in a retirement residence.

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With rising COVID-19 cases across Ontario, the provincial government has implemented a province-wide “emergency brake” that will lower capacity for worship services.

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Think back a year ago … to an Easter Sunday that reverberated with fear and anxiety as the world’s people tried to grasp the enormity of COVID-19.

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After months of speaking out against inequity in COVID-19 capacity guidelines, the Archdiocese of Montreal was finally gifted some good news from the Quebec government.

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Fr. Harrison Ayre knows COVID lockdowns can wear you down. He’s felt it more in the last few months.

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VANCOUVER -- B.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson has upheld the public health order banning in-person religious services in British Columbia.

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OXFORD, England -- A commission of Catholic bishops warned religious freedom is threatened in the European Union, as restrictive laws are imposed in the wake of COVID-19.

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