With an earlier-than-usual budget coming down at Queen’s Park Feb. 25, the Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition is demanding billions to help the poor rise to full participation in society.

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It’s not surprising patients fall in love with Dr. Ramona Coelho. Not just because she’s a young, pretty doctor who smiles easily, laughs frequently and focuses her attention completely on whoever is talking to her.

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OTTAWA – There were almost twice as many abortions performed in Ontario in 2014 than were officially reported, according to court documents.

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A report challenging the constitutional protection of Ontario’s publicly-funded Catholic school system has been dismissed by the minister of education.

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For the last three years Ontario’s Liberal government has opened up its budget-making process to anybody with an Internet connection and each year among the most frequent suggestions is de-funding the Catholic school system.

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TORONTO – Some 300 opponents of Ontario’s sex-ed curriculum demanded the resignation of Conservative leader Patrick Brown at a rally at Queen's Park Sept. 21.

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Ten years ago Linda Dollard thought she might get involved in the St. Vincent de Paul Society when she retired. Then she would have the time.

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August 4, 2016

Relieving pain

Widespread abuse of prescription painkillers is a major problem that governments are right to address. But Ontario’s recent move to become the first Canadian jurisdiction to eliminate high-dosage opioid medications from its provincial drug plan goes a step too far.

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Although the flames are licked and the smouldering has stopped, the Catholic community of St. Isidore, Ont., continues to weep over the loss of their only local house of worship.

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Seven months after Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum arrived in Catholic schools, Ontario’s bishops are reminding teachers to stay true to Church teaching when addressing marriage, sexuality and gender.

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When Brian Dunn became the chaplaincy leader at the new Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School in Milton, Ont., he had a mission to create an environment where the school namesake’s example dwelled within the students.

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Toronto – American Jesuit Father Greg Boyle told Ontario educators they must stand with the poor, the vulnerable and anyone who is rejected by society.

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If the Supreme Court of Canada says Canadians have a right to a doctor’s help in committing suicide, Ottawa South MPP John Fraser says we also have a right to timely access to quality palliative care.

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Widespread opposition to doctor-assisted suicide is beginning to reshape consultations on how Ontario should regulate the practice in the wake of last year’s Supreme Court decision to decriminalize voluntary euthanasia in some circumstances.

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TORONTO - The human rights of doctors would be “violated” by proposed guidelines that would require Ontario doctors, even against their conscience, to refer patients for assisted suicide, said the executive director of the Christian Medical and Dental Society.

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