As both a Catholic teacher and founding member of Dementia Advocacy Canada, Matt Dineen wants to visit parishes to explain what they should do to be dementia-ready and — perhaps more important — why they should do it.

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One year into their merger, Toronto’s three Catholic hospitals have a name for their joint health care enterprise. Unity Health Toronto was selected from a list of at least 15 possible names.

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Providence Healthcare’s new $4.5 million palliative care wing features no state-of-the-art technology, no breakthrough innovations, no dazzling science. The money went into providing peace, quiet and the human touches that make life worth living.

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TORONTO - If death is a part of life then we shouldn’t die alone any more than we should live in isolation. Our deaths should not be coldly institutionalized any more so than our lives. Our deaths should be as surrounded by family, love and compassion as the lives we lived.

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