VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis officially has declared St. Irenaeus of Lyon a doctor of the church.

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In life, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski and Mother Róza Czacka led their Polish countrymen with courage and humble service. Now the 20th century compatriots will be beatified together.

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Ah, it’s nearly that time of year! As well as experiencing the showers of April and May, college and high school students will navigate a deluge of final essays, exams and capstone projects. Thankfully, there’s a saint we can turn to for intercession to navigate the formidable final six to eight weeks of term.

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Who is your favourite saint? Do you know something about the life of the saint? 

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Anniversaries remind us to learn the lessons of history and, for a Christian disciple, to remember the workings of Providence.

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VATICAN CITY -- Pope Francis advanced the sainthood causes of three men and two women, including an Italian nun who was brutally murdered by three teenage girls who claimed it had been a satanic sacrifice.

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In June we celebrate St. Vitus’ Day, a time that honours an unusual saint whose influence was seen throughout Europe generally and in Germany in particular.

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As I was driving to work this week, I saw a sign outside a neighbourhood church. It read: “Prayer is the original wireless form of communication.”

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As February rolls into March, one of the biggest academic hurdles for high school and university students will be long gone: first semester.

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WARSAW, Poland -- A Polish researcher has published the first study of religious practices among Christian prisoners at Auschwitz-Birkenau, as the 75th anniversary of the Nazi-run death camp's liberation was marked in Israel and Poland.

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For sheer numbers, there has never been a decade like the 2010s for saint-making. That’s because Pope Francis canonized over 800 in one go when he declared St. Antonio Primaldo and his 812 companions (martyred in 1480 by an invading Ottoman army in Oranto, southern Italy) saints on May 12, 2013.

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VANCOUVER -- He was about 10 years old when he first met St. Teresa of Calcutta.

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VATICAN CITY - In back-to-back audiences with a group of French young people and an Italian association for deaf people, Pope Francis cited personal example and witness as a vital piece in the church's evangelization mission.

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ROME – The Mass for the feast of All Souls is "realistic, concrete" in calling Catholics to remember the people and events of their past, to consider how they live today and to hope for eternal life with God and their loved ones who preceded them, Pope Francis said.
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VATICAN CITY – As the sun rose over the Tiber River, seven banners hanging on the facade of St. Peter's Basilica depicting the church's newest saints were illuminated by the new day.
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