It's a blessing that he didn't expect, said newly appointed Msgr. John Borean.

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Conscience rights for Ontario doctors will get the full attention of Queen’s Park on Thursday, March 23, in committee hearings on Bill 84.

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TORONTO – The oldest and longest serving priest in the history of the Archdiocese of Toronto has died. In his 78th year of priesthood, 101-year-old Msgr. Vincent Foy was proud of his longevity, his loyalty and his defence of Catholic teaching.

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With a new vision guiding this year’s ShareLife campaign, the fundraising arm for the Archdiocese of Toronto charities, is hoping to secure more donations than ever to help those in need.

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Matt Fradd is challenging hundreds of youth in the Archdiocese of Toronto to seek authentic love.

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As Catholic doctors and other conscientious objectors face discipline that could include losing their medical license, the Archdiocese of Toronto has launched an eight-week campaign to promote “robust conscience protection” for health care workers.

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Franciscan Fr. Damian MacPherson is passing on the interfaith torch after 19 years of service.

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Don’t invest in what you don’t believe in is more than sage, philosophical advice. It’s increasingly mainstream, solid, financial advice.

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A new and very Catholic concept in elder care has moved from dream to reality with a move-in date projected for the fall of 2018.

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TORONTO – When Fr. Matthew Hysell became the first deaf priest ordained in Canada, he saw it as a major sign of the Church reaching out to the community of the hearing impaired.

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The old man’s white beard shook as his quivering lips whispered, “The entire world financial system is about to collapse. An armoured car will arrive in 15 minutes to deliver me a truckload of silver bars worth about a quarter million dollars. If you come with me now, half of them are for you.”

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Inside the sealed envelope, the instructions from the mystery donor were clear.

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TORONTO – A plan to start interring cremated remains in the crypts beneath the renovated St. Michael’s Cathedral is on hold as the Archdiocese of Toronto sorts through a host of issues.

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Providence Healthcare’s new $4.5 million palliative care wing features no state-of-the-art technology, no breakthrough innovations, no dazzling science. The money went into providing peace, quiet and the human touches that make life worth living.

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EDMONTON – When Fr. Robert Kasun learned that Pope Francis wanted him to become a bishop, one of his first reactions was, “I’ve never in my life done anything extraordinary. I’m just an ordinary simple pastor.”

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