The 17th-century polymath Blaise Pascal wrote that the eternal silence of the heavens’ infinite spaces terrified him.

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A rock nearly five billion kilometres from Earth circling the Sun in a long ellipse once every 300 years might not be breaking news, but Jesuit astronomer Fr. Richard Boyle believes it’s worth thinking about.

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The universe is beautiful and we’ve got pictures to prove it. Come May, when the James Webb Space Telescope starts downloading deep space photos, we’re going to have even more pictures, and astrophysicist and cosmologist Fr. Adam Hincks just knows those pictures will be beautiful too.

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VATICAN CITY - The discovery of a new sub-atomic particle -- the so-called Higgs boson -- may help scientists discover how the hidden structure of all matter in the universe works, a Vatican astronomer said.

"It indicates that reality is deeper and more rich and strange than our everyday life," U.S. Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno told Catholic News Service.

When people go about their everyday business working or relaxing, they don't think about the tiniest building blocks of physical matter, but "without these underlying little things, we wouldn't be here," he said.

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