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EDMONTON -- The Archdiocese of Edmonton says it will do whatever it takes to restore Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples after a devastating fire Aug. 30 tore through the rear of the building.

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ST. ISIDORE, ONT. -- When the historic church in St. Isidore, built in 1879, was destroyed by fire after a lightning storm in 2016, the community vowed off that the spiritual centre of the small French-Canadian community in eastern Ontario would rise again.

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WINDSOR, Ont. -- With phase one of renovations complete church officials are now moving ahead with the next phase of repairs to 177-year-old Our Lady of Assumption Church — but they’ll need to dig into some deeper pockets to complete it.

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At a time when church attendance is declining, parishioners of St. Mark’s parish faced a good problem — their church was too small.

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For St. Andrew’s Parish in Oakville, Ont., the Diocese of Hamilton’s ambitious One Heart One Soul Campaign arrives at just the right time.

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When Fr. Maurice Restivo looked out upon a packed congregation — about double Our Lady of Assumption Church’s capacity — he knew the historic parish was back.

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Toronto’s incredible, seemingly unstoppable condo market may furnish this city’s Catholics with a brand new, $17-million, architectural gem of a midtown church sometime around 2025.

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The sweet soprano sounds that echoed from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in Toronto could have come from a Mass at the Vatican.
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