BUENOS AIRES, Argentina – Maximiliano Acuña is a garbage collector in Buenos Aires who earlier this year was injured in a serious accident that left him without legs.

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CHABROUH, Lebanon – In a pristine mountain setting in Lebanon, a female volunteer gently takes hold of the hands of Mohammed, a disabled adult who has trouble communicating. She gazes into his eyes – still shaded in heart-shaped sunglasses from the dress-up activity a few hours earlier – as she engages him in a dance to the rhythm of the music playing in the background.

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OTTAWA - A broad alliance of Catholic and other organizations opposed to assisted suicide is urging that upcoming legislation provide explicit protections for disabled and other vulnerable people including a review by a judge or independent authority prior to the killing of any patient.

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Barbara Turnbull, who died last week at age 50, impacted thousands through her charitable work, her writing, her advocacy for the disabled and quite simply by her indomitable spirit.

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OTTAWA - The Dignity for All campaign launched its national anti-poverty plan Feb. 3, urging politicians to make eliminating poverty a federal election issue.

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