Catholics lacking when it comes to faith formation.

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Ann Musgrave, who is completely blind, attends a Catholic book club and has just started reading The Gift of Years by popular American nun Joan Chittister.

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VANCOUVER -- Fr. Andrew L’Heureux dreams of a future when a flock of pilgrims, backpacks loaded and spirits high, assemble outside of Holy Rosary Cathedral in downtown Vancouver. The pilgrims take one last, respectful look at the cathedral’s evocative Homeless Jesus statue — the Catholics among them making the sign of the cross — and then they turn to start a multi-day, 123-km hike to Whistler, B.C.

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“Even the priest and the prophet forage in a land they know not.” This is the New American Bible translation of Jeremiah 14:18, a line of Scripture that will be familiar to anyone in North America who prays the Liturgy of the Hours

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“In difficult situations, we are called to be holy,” said Cardinal Thomas Collins, the Archbishop of Toronto, during his homily on April 28.

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VANCOUVER -- Bookworms making their way through a copy of The Last Bachelor Of Ales might not expect to be evangelized, and that’s just what first-time Catholic author Peter Elliott is hoping for.

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Reflecting on each week’s Gospel is more than a private experience for Catholic youth in Northern Ontario. It is a public witness. 

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EDMONTON -- The life and legacy of Fr. Michael “Catfish” Mireau, who used pop culture references and Star Wars lightsabers to teach the faith, continue to stir hearts of young and old.

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The online publication The Catholic Thing recently dubbed Pope Francis “idiosyncratic” for his insistence that evangelical encounters should witness to Christ without having a proselytizing edge. 

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When Bishop Albert Thévenot says of his Missionaries of Africa order that “we work ourselves out of a job” in their ministry, it seems odd. After all, the order known as the White Fathers has lived on for 150 years and continues to make its mark in the world today.

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VATICAN CITY -- A person who claims to preach the Gospel by convincing people of their beliefs in Jesus is not evangelizing, but proselytizing, Pope Francis said.

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NEW ORLEANS -- From his elevated perch on the shoeshine stand near Concourse C of Louis Armstrong International Airport — a nondescript wooden platform with two blue-padded chairs and four metal footrests — Wayne Kendrick notices everything and everyone.

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VATICAN CITY - In back-to-back audiences with a group of French young people and an Italian association for deaf people, Pope Francis cited personal example and witness as a vital piece in the church's evangelization mission.

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ROME - The proposed apostolic constitution for reforming and governing the Roman Curia is expected to emphasize the church's missionary mandate with the creation of a "super-dicastery" merging two offices dedicated to evangelization.

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The reach of Catholic Christian Outreach is now reaching even further.

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