VATICAN – Pope Francis will travel to Morocco March 30-31 as a "servant of hope" to encourage the country's small Catholic community, the migrants hosted there and all people of goodwill, said Archbishop Cristobal Lopez Romero of Rabat, the nation's capital.
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Neighbouring countries are bracing to receive an additional five million Venezuelan refugees this year on top of the three million people who have already left the crisis-stricken nation.

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VANCOUVER – He lost almost everything on his first day in Canada.

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From his first job in a labour camp to his last job praying for the Society of Jesus, Bishop Atilla Mikloshazy worked hard at one thing — caring for people.

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One way to view world history could be through a lens of justice. In courts, on battlefields, in parliaments and in many other settings where humans interact, justice has been a constant pursuit — but remains elusive in so many ways.

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CHICAGO – Archbishop of Chicago Blase Cupich has dismissed recent allegations made by a former Vatican ambassador to the U.S., saying that Pope Francis has a “bigger agenda” to worry about, including defending migrants and protecting the environment.
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ROME – Spain has announced it will let a ship holding 629 migrants and refugees, who were rescued from the Mediterranean, dock on its shores, after Italy and Malta refused to accept the vessel.
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Running a small business is a lot like making babka: It takes time, effort and patience but the end result is something truly sweet.

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For many Canadians, hand-me-down clothes from siblings or cousins were a natural part of growing up. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have relatives to lean on.
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Lucila Cordovero, or Lola Lucing as I call her, is very petite. Every day, she sits in the same bamboo rocking chair by the window of her bedroom, listening to the buzz of her radio novellas. Her right hand is always clutching a small promotional fan someone gave her years ago.

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WASHINGTON – In early May, after the archbishop of Santa Fe, New Mexico, made a statement about an executive order dealing with immigration, he seems to have received more than a few unhappy responses.

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AUSTIN, Texas – The Catholic bishops of Texas said the state's move to prohibit cities and other jurisdictions from providing sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation "does not help peace officers build trust with the migrant community."

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WASHINGTON – The bishop of Sacramento, California, said Catholic churches in the diocese could offer sanctuary to immigrants facing deportation, while the archbishop of Washington cautioned that offering sanctuary does not legally guarantee protection if federal agents come calling.

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FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – An immigrant teacher and White House honoree fears President Donald Trump is undermining the community she has fought to lift up.

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Father Raul Marquez had never seen anything like it. Eight men walked to the front door of St. Peter Church in Southeast Portland Jan. 29 and began bellowing during the Spanish Mass.

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