The month of a November has become a time of darkness and confusion for me.

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In a crisis, hard decisions have to be made.

When there aren’t enough ventilators or Intensive Care Unit beds for everyone who needs one, it’s left to medical ethicists to provide guidance to clinicians faced with dire decisions about who lives and who dies.

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WASHINGTON -- Fr. John Mack, a priest of the Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y., needs a liver transplant — from a living donor.

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VATICAN CITY -- With so many changes and huge technological advancements in the field of medicine, health care must always be at the service of the whole individual, including a supportive relationship between patient and medical professionals, Pope Francis said.

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MONTREAL – When Quebec’s doctors were blindsided by their professional association and its support for assisted suicide, Dr. Catherine Ferrier knew she had to spring into action.
“We didn’t see it coming. We knew it was out there but it was on the margins. Three-quarters of the population was against medically assisted suicide. The legislation kept dying” every time a politician would introduce a motion in favour of assisted suicide, said Ferrier, who has been one of the leaders in the fight against medical aid in dying for the past seven years.

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