Louis Riel and his legacy in our nation’s history are well-documented, if not a bit fragmented.

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EDMONTON – Betty Letendre recalls a time when Indigenous elders didn’t want to come into Edmonton, feeling tired of the discrimination and misconceptions that they faced on a daily basis. 

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OTTAWA – Archbishop Gerard Pettipas recalls the “celebratory feel” 10 years ago when Prime Minister Stephen Harper apologized for the government’s Indian residential schools policy.

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OXFORD, England – Belgium's Catholic Church has apologized for its role in mistreating mixed-race people, who were born in colonial times to European fathers and African mothers and later taken away for adoption.

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TORONTO – To shed light on some of the darkest moments in the history of Catholic education, students from St. Joseph’s College School unveiled their Residential Schools Memorial Wall at the annual Nuit Blanche all-night art festival.

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Although a national poll showed Canada appears divided on the value of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Catholic Church leaders said a positive impact has already been felt among native communities.

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The truth has been well and tragically documented. Now comes the real work — reconciliation.

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January 29, 2015

Combat racism

A recent cover story in Maclean’s magazine christened Winnipeg as Canada’s most racist city. Even if it were possible to prove that claim — that Winnipeg is more bigoted than Vancouver,  Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, etc. —  censuring one Canadian city that way is an unworthy exercise.

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