In a world offering Canadian youth an abundance of choice, it’s up to religious institutions to help the future leaders of society characterize what constitutes a great choice, says sociologist Joel Thiessen.

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VATICAN – Pope Francis launched an app Sunday called “Click to Pray,” which connects Catholics to a global network to share prayer intentions via their smartphones.
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If stereotypes are made to be deflated, Amanda Achtman is a young woman who carries a suitcase full of needles and hat pins.

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OTTAWA – The New Atheists have argued Millennial Catholics out of the Church and they need to be argued back in, says Bishop Robert Barron.

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September 15, 2016

Suicide is not the answer

I can’t express the sadness my heart feels at the rising rate of suicide among young people today. The numbers are staggering and I feel helpless thinking of so many who have lost hope.

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OTTAWA – Career and financial stability are priorities before marriage for Canadian millennials, a Cardus Family study released Aug. 24 shows.

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