Stay-at-home mom Jessica Fraga is using her love of crafting again this year to raise funds for abused women.

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Not every young woman hears that blessed is the fruit of her womb. More than a few young women are left isolated, afraid, overwhelmed from the moment they know they’re pregnant.

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When Dorothy Pilarski reflects on her life since leaving the corporate world to launch a successful Catholic women’s ministry, she imagines her mother looking down on her giggling from Heaven.

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VANCOUVER -- It may take a village to raise a child, but Abbotsford mom Renae Regehr recently found herself wondering: what happens when parents don’t have a village to turn to?

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VATICAN – God always loves and always remains faithful to his children, despite their sin and idolatry, Francis said.
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In Toronto the priestly ordinations usually have a maternal character. The customary date is in May, Mary’s month, and usually falls the day before Mother’s Day, which is not a religious feast day, but certainly can be looked upon with the eyes of faith.

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Mothers and daughters were brought together on March 24 to learn more about successes and struggles that have defined the growing empowerment of women.

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March 7 is the feast day for Sts. Perpetua and Felicitas — the patron saints of mothers and expectant mothers — and the story of these two courageous martyrs is appropriate to reflect upon.

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GLENMOORE, Pa. – The way Sister Rita Cameron sees it, her grandchildren didn't lose a grandmother when she became a sister. They gained 106 great-aunts.

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TORONTO – Catholic Moms is a growing ministry in the Archdiocese of Toronto that is bringing together women looking to grow in their spiritual life and put their faith into action.

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OTTAWA - A Saskatchewan MP has tabled a bill in the House of Commons aimed at deterring “senseless assaults” on pregnant women in Canada.

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