VATICAN CITY -- The Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education encouraged pontifical universities to expand educational opportunities to those who would normally be unable to attend classes in-person full time, but could manage coursework online, such as prisoners, migrants, the homeless, monks, contemplative nuns and even busy bishops.

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Imagine as a university student the sensation at being cited in O, The Oprah Magazine and The Journal of Positive Psychology for a study you designed. 

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University campuses are a lot quieter this fall semester as lectures and student club activities have transitioned in large part to the online space. 

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Every year, as my children got older, the return-to-school routine got less exciting.

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When COVID-19 necessitated the shut down of schools for months, Canadian educators were forced to reinvent their course delivery on the fly.   

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With Ontario schools officially shuttered until at least the start of May, education partners are ramping up plans to continue teaching students at home.

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A decision by the Ontario government to force high school students to earn four credits through online courses has put Catholic schools on notice. 

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