REGINA – The trial of a Saskatchewan farmer charged in the death of a 22-year-old Indigenous man has ended with an acquittal. But other than that, what have we learned from this?

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During Lent, well-trained Catholic minds turn to thoughts of confession.
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TEMUCO, Chile – Celebrating Mass in a land steeped in indigenous history and culture, Pope Francis said the greatest threat facing humanity is the stifling of differences driven by the idea that some cultures are better than others.

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SANTIAGO, Chile – Pope Francis, in his first formal speech in Chile, asked forgiveness from those who were sexually abused by priests.
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REGINA, Sask. – Canada’s national police force has begun using Kairos’ Blanket Exercise in an effort to help its officers improve relations with Indigenous peoples.
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VANCOUVER, B.C. – Father Larry Lynn was wrapping up a visit to the Northwest Territories, interviewing aboriginal survivors of residential schools about their experiences, when he thought to ask his tour guide about her life.
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When a state of emergency was declared in April 2016 by the Attawapiskat First Nations in northern Ontario after a drastic increase in suicide attempts, a couple of teachers a thousand kilometres away felt a call to action.
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There may be good reasons for not inviting the Pope to Canada, but the risk of being sued isn’t one of them, said a litigation lawyer who has taken the Church to court.
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Every Catholic college and university in Canada has woken up to the call for truth and reconciliation between Indigenous Canadians and the rest of us.
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It didn’t take long for Patrick Small Legs-Nagge to pick up on the culture of Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax, N.S.

“One of the first things I noticed in my first week is how inclusive this campus is,” said Small Legs-Nagge, who last month began his new job as special advisor to the president on aboriginal affairs.
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VATICAN CITY – Christians can find hope even at the hour of death, which faith teaches is not a closed door but a wide-open passage to a new life with Christ, Pope Francis said.
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A collection of simple red dresses has delivered a powerful message for students at Toronto’s St. Joseph’s College School.
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Despite several invitations and considerable speculation, a papal visit to Canada seems no closer today than it was 2 1/2 years ago when the topic first surfaced.
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Mark Shea thinks the Catholic Church is a vast accumulation of slobs and mediocrities. He means it as a compliment. He contends it brings us closer to Christ.

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OTTAWA – In the wake of controversy surrounding the papal document Amoris Laetitia, Bishop Scott McCaig said people should not be baited by conspiracy theories.
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