Most of the elements of a 2015 sex-ed curriculum introduced by the then-governing Liberals in Ontario and repealed in 2018 by the incoming Progressive Conservative government will remain in a new Health and Physical Education curriculum announced by the province Aug. 21.

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It’s probably a safe bet that Ontario’s new premier has never read Pope Paul VI’s encyclical Humanae Vitae, which reaffirmed the Church’s teaching on marriage, parenthood, procreation and contraception. 

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OTTAWA – A Catholic mother of four has thrust Ontario’s controversial sex-ed curriculum into the campaign to select a new leader of the province’s Progressive Conservative Party.

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OTTAWA – A Greek Orthodox father’s five-year battle to keep his children out of public school classes that teach subjects against his religious beliefs has lost at the Ontario Court of Appeal, despite a majority opinion favouring parental rights.
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The world abounds in conspiracy theories. It was always thus.

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Seven months after Ontario’s new sex-ed curriculum arrived in Catholic schools, Ontario’s bishops are reminding teachers to stay true to Church teaching when addressing marriage, sexuality and gender.

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