Spring in northwestern Ontario arrived late this year, with new leaves not even open at the Victoria Day long weekend. Despite this, there are many signs that spring is persevering. I began a small garden plot in a tree-sheltered nook in our yard, and I’m planning to plant wildflowers and other floral specimens later.

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Pope Francis had barely begun this year’s Lenten message when the talk turned to women’s wombs.

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It’s been the winter of our discontent.

After a practically snow-free December and January, the Maritime provinces were relentlessly buffeted by snowfall after snowfall during February and March. 
Two and sometimes three storms in a week left Nova Scotians scratching their heads and cussing their fortunes.

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As the long winter days finally come to an end, I welcome the arrival of spring. Flowers are in blossom, leaves have reappeared on trees and our surroundings are starting to be filled with beautiful shades of green — just in time for World Environment Day.

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