When your earthly pilgrimage comes to an end, how would you like to be remembered in your community of faith?

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Which parish activity have you missed most during this COVID-19 pandemic?

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Have you returned to church since the re-opening in June after the lockdown? How did you feel about the changes you saw?

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With gratitude, generosity and mindfulness as his three foundational pillars, Fr. Darrin Gurr wants to examine a spirituality of stewardship. The result is a helpful guide to those who want to find meaning in acts of generosity, but the book lacks originality and some of its themes remain undeveloped. 

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This year, I decided to read the Bible all the way through, starting at the book of Genesis.

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The start of every new season is exciting and full of possibilities. Think of how happy people are when they see the first signs of spring, or, when the first day of school arrives, or, for baseball fans, the excitement they feel on the day of the season opener.

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In a pastoral letter on stewardship, Cardinal Thomas Collins suggests that in order to discover what is really important to us, we should look at how we spend our money.

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Canada’s two largest churches, which represent two-thirds of Canadian Christians, have jointly declared that climate change and ecological degradation are central, enduring concerns for Christians.

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Even if spring refuses to get sprung this year after a stubbornly long winter, Earth Day will still be an intensely educational and intensely religious occasion in Catholic schools across Ontario.

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IQUITOS, Peru - As floodwaters rose with heavy rains in this Amazonian city, Graciela Tejada and her neighbours found greasy slaughterhouse offal, human feces and used hypodermic needles floating practically to their doorsteps.

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OTTAWA - People on both sides of the political spectrum share sentiments on protecting the environment, says a former U.S. Republican congressman, but while the left might offer “pie in the sky” solutions that don’t work, conservatives can offer solutions that “understand human nature” and “free market solutions that work.”

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