Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

A timely excerpt from the Ontario Catholic School Trustees’ 2010 publication “Becoming a Catholic School Trustee” posted on the website of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

The Niagara Catholic District School Board has placed all of its schools under a hold and secure order after receiving an “unverified threat.” 

The Supreme Court of Canada has unanimously upheld the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the United States.

Toronto Archbishop Francis Leo on why June is devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

June 15, 2023

Pride goeth

We want to commend John Killacky for his letter in the June 11 edition of The Catholic Register “Failing the Faith.” I am certain he echoes the words of many Catholics who are striving to live our faith and transmit it to others.

In what was one of the most important years in the history of the Catholic Church in Canada, The Catholic Register was there every step of the way.

The Catholic Register’s writers have mixed records for stories demonstrating true love for the Catholic Church. So, I approached with trepidation the recent cover story about Catholic school boards debating flying Pride flags.

Cardinal Michael Czerny offers a mediation on the “Madonna della Stradda.”

Pope Francis’ message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

A little known but essential skill of editorial writing is dexterity in climbing down off a high horse with egg all over the editorialist’s face.