Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

An excerpt from Archbishop Francis Leo’s letter on Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus during June.

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A message from Pope Francis on the inaugural World Children’s Day in Rome, May 25 2024.

Regarding The Catholic Register’s May 25 news story and editorial on drug decriminalization, a key concept in the field of substance-related public policy is availability, which refers to the overall ease with which a given substance can be obtained.

The message “Putting life into play” from Pope Francis to the International Conference on Sport and Spirituality held in Rome May 16-18.

May 10, 2024

Holy Land bias

I was disappointed with the Register’s April 21 front page and page 5 article. It was a one-sided view of a very complicated situation.

May 10, 2024

Greater good

When I read Quinton Amundson’s April 28 article “St. John’s closures ‘canonically unsound,’ ” I couldn’t help thinking that it reveals another instance of the Church trying to evade its responsibilities to victims of sexual abuse.

I have very much missed the God’s Word on Sunday column by Fr. Scott Lewis the last three weeks. I hope his column will soon return. Over many years my husband and I have looked forward to reading it every week before attending Sunday Mass.

Anne Jankulak

Thornhill, Ont.

(We’re listening – the Editor.)

I was shocked by the headline on the April 21 issue of The Catholic Register.

May 10, 2024

MAiD money

As Alex Schadenberg points out in his April 28 Verbatim article, the commitment of the federal government to State-sponsored killing has gained astonishing momentum. Though promoted as mercy, the program looks more like an economically motivated cull. No doubt Canadians who are alive are more expensive than Canadians who are dead.

Lise Anglin,


(But…we save the whales – the Editor.)