Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

What’s next?

The audacity and arrogance of our federal government never ceases to amaze and alarm me. While the government feeds us a consistent rhetoric of care and concern, they are gradually taking away our freedoms. The agenda includes using our tax dollars to support/promote abortion and in many other countries in the world. It is also doing his best to silence the pro-life voice.

In multi-religious and multi-cultural societies, communities show their solidarity, build & cultivate their friendship, by adopting the principles of fraternity.

Cost saving

Re: Short visit works best (Fr. Raymond de Souza, Nov. 7):

Fr. de Souza is fearful that the costs associated with a reconciliation-oriented papal visit to Canada will divert funds from Catholic-sponsored reconciliation projects. He asserts that the papal visit should be short, structured and shaped by the fiscal priority that “the only solution is not to spend a dime more than necessary.”

Glaring omission

I am glad to know from the news that Pope Francis is coming to Canada as recommended by the TRC. That surely will soothe the emotional and psychological wounds of the Indigenous peoples. However, it is God who heals our brokenness, especially our spiritual wounds.

November 3, 2021

The many ways of giving

An estate gift to your parish or favourite charity can be your way of expressing what was important in your life. Here are some ways people can remember charities in their estate plan (and it’s a good idea to let them know so it can be noted in their files).

A Canadian priest who served in three different Canadian dioceses from 2010 to 2013 has been convicted by a French court in the 2019 sexual assault of four teenage girls in France and Italy.

Helpful solution

The Archdiocese of Toronto recently announced that, as of Oct. 8, it requires “all employees,” including priests, lay ministers and parish volunteers, at “the workplace, be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or provide regular proof of … negative COVID-19 test results.” Essentially it has mandated vaccination but also offered an alternative.

The federal government’s policy of requiring applicants for summer jobs grants to attest support for abortion rights was “reasonable,” a federal court judge has ruled.

Pope Francis has accepted an invitation by Canada’s bishops to visit Canada “on a pilgrimage of healing and reconciliation.”

Healing path

Re: Money will be raised, but how to spend it? (Fr. Raymond J. de Souza, Oct. 10):