Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

MONTREAL, Que. - Laura Hughes walked into a Taizé prayer session by accident and has been hooked ever since.
TORONTO - Three years ago Larissa Olinda moved to Toronto to open the first Canadian chapter of the Shalom Catholic Community. Within the year two other missionaries, Reimar Barata and Emanuela Gomes, followed.
OTTAWA - While a relic is often labelled as a thing of the past, as Carlos Martins explains, these sacred objects have relevance today. The fourth-year Companions of the Cross seminarian uses his extensive relic collection to teach about them. A former atheist, Martins came to the Catholic Church almost 11 years ago during a mystical dialogue with God before the Blessed Sacrament. Two years later, his relic ministry began.

TORONTO - With a thick Philadelphia accent, Rocco Palmo talks a mile-a-minute rattling off quick facts about Vatican hierarchy or a quip about the latest hot-button Catholic issue. This is a guy who spends his day keeping up with the goings-on of the Catholic Church.

WINNIPEG, Man.  - At an early age Ian Garcia started doing drugs, drinking, partying and hanging out with the wrong crowd. Eventually his family disowned him.

{mosimage}TORONTO - Youth members of the International Catholic lay movement Focolare will host a variety show to raise money for Zilma School in Haiti.

{mosimage}TORONTO - Lucy Anacleto was abused by her parents as a child. To escape the abuse, her two older sisters left home, leaving the then seven-year-old alone with her parents.

September 6, 2007

Discovering diversity

{mosimage}TORONTO - Samantha Persaud and Janani Jeyaraman accepted the Discover Diversity Award Aug. 28 at the University of Toronto Multifaith Centre on behalf of Blessed Mother Teresa Secondary School.

{mosimage}DARIEN LAKE, N.Y. - Kingdom Bound is a full-time, year-long Protestant ministry with a strong Catholic presence that puts on concerts in Ontario and upstate New York as well as the annual summer festival here at Six Flags amusement park. This summer’s festival ran from Aug. 5 to 8.

{mosimage} TORONTO - Intrigued by a candlelit basement chapel filled with Gregorian chant and burning incense, 11 teens gathered at St. Francis de Sales Church in Newark, Ohio, for what would become the first Dead Theologians Society meeting.