Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

Like millions of Canadians who came to see their history in a new light, Canada’s Catholic bishops were galvanized and spurred to action by the discovery of graves at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School one year ago.

Wrong way

The war in Ukraine is horrific and, from my personal observations, the Pope is trying to do everything within his influence to stop it. I was therefore surprised and saddened that The Catholic Register printed an article in which the writer constantly calls the Pope “wrong” in his actions towards Ukraine. 

Canada’s Catholic bishops, in a submission to the federal committee exploring the expansion of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), reiterated their opposition to assisted suicide and called for more safeguards for the vulnerable.

Indigenous liturgy

I want to compliment Michael Swan on his April 17 article “Still a way to go on Indigenous liturgy.”

Crisis of fear

Peter Stockland’s column “Be not afraid” references the over-the-top reaction to the pandemic, but it also has powerful theological implications.

Fr Yaw Cover SmallWalking on the Journey of Faith

By Fr. Yaw Acheampong

Fr. Yaw Acheampong wants us to take a walk with him … a Spirit-filled walk on the journey of faith. As a priest who has served in parishes and hospitals, he has seen the power of the Gospel at work, offering inspiration, comfort and healing. Through his thoughtful writing in The Catholic Register, Fr. Yaw has extended his pastoral mission as he invites readers to live the joy of their faith. This book is a collection of his columns that teach and reflect on the sacraments, the seasons of the Church, and our responsibility to each other and the world.

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First steps

Your March 22 editorial “Look to Rome” states your commitment to “reconciliation between Canada’s First Nations and its, shall we say, later arrivals.” Cheeky! But overlooking Indigenous beliefs that they always existed on the land, and that “settlers”  were not simply later arrivals but a deceiving, destructive, endless throng that led to extreme social dislocation and loss of life, land and culture? Read Thomas King, Bob Joseph or Jesse Wente for detail.

Pompous Peter

What is Peter Stockland afraid of? After reading his rather pompous and self-opinionated April 3 column, I was disappointed in his lack of knowledge and compassion.

I was baptized a Ukrainian Catholic. My wife and I were married in a Ukrainian Catholic Church in Kyiv, and our children were all baptized in this faith as well. Our church has a Patriarch (i.e., a separate hierarchy from Roman Catholics), but we recognize the spiritual supremacy of the Pope. In Ukraine, the Ukrainian Catholic Church follows the Julian calendar which means Easter will be celebrated next week.

The great 19th-century Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky declared that beauty will save the world. Some years earlier, Our Lord anticipated — and no doubt inspired — Dostoyevsky by teaching us the necessity for salvation of experiencing the world and expressing our faith through the beauty in children’s eyes.