Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

Bishop Remi De Roo, the former bishop of Victoria who was the world’s youngest bishop when he was appointed in 1962 at age 38 by Pope John XXIII, died Feb. 1. He was 97.

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has formally established its new registered charity to support and advance healing and reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

Open the churches

Many thanks to Dr. Pascal Bastien and Dr. Lucas Vivas for expressing so beautifully my own thoughts, and I’m sure those of many others, on the closure of our churches. We can only hope our bishops and priests are listening.

Red-letter day

Regarding Cardinal Collins celebrating his 75th birthday, His Eminence earned the love of Catholics across Canada when he wrote his letter of July 1, 2008, decrying the award of the Order of Canada to abortionist Henry Morgentaler.

Borrow now

Because some Indigenous people will die before they can benefit from the five-year fundraising plan to raise $30 million for residential school survivors, it would be better for the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to borrow the money and fundraise afterwards.

The Archdiocese of Toronto, recognizing the contagiousness of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, has issued new guidelines to parishes to help stem its spread.

Missing piece

In his favourable review of the biography of Pope Benedict XVI by Peter Seewald (A Thorough Look at Benedict’s Life, Dec. 19), Ian Hunter admits the biography “does not shed much light” on Benedict’s 2013 resignation. To uncover the truth about this historical event requires more than research. The facts would yield only to the most tenacious and painstaking investigative journalism.

Another story

Re: Catholic media must do better on Indigenous file (Dec. 2):

Fr. Raymond de Souza argues convincingly that relying on mainstream media for accurate reporting “is a mistake.” Last May it described the discovery of Indigenous children’s remains at the Kamloops Residential School as a “mass grave.” The terminology was provocative and misleading, suggesting murders with bodies thrown into mass graves. 

A familiar face to Catholic Register readers is about to take on a new role with the paper.

A message from the CCCB President on Christmas and New Year’s Day