Allison Hunwicks, The Catholic Register

Allison Hunwicks, The Catholic Register

Allison Hunwicks is a reporter with The Catholic Register and studied journalism at Humber College, and before that voice performance at York University.

She has also written for Post City Magazine and Spacing magazine.

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TORONTO - Prolific organist James David Christie is coming to Toronto to perform what appears to be a tour-de-force concert.

TORONTO - A whole new world of musical opportunity has opened up for parishes and schools with the release of an online church music catalogue through a partnership between Novalis Publishing and LicenSing Online.

Massimo Nosetti, organist and composer, died Nov. 12 at the age of 53 after being diagnosed with cancer in October.

Back in the 1300s, it’s doubtful that French composer Guillame de Machaut was imagining his newly written Messe de Nostre Dame being re-born in a future far, far away.

Chris Bray is steadfast and earnest on record, steadfast and earnest on stage, steadfast and earnest throughout a simple phone call.

TORONTO - Organix, the only festival of its kind in Toronto with its focus on the pipe organ, will cease to exist in its current form once the closing Gala Performance wraps up on June 7.

TORONTO - Anyone who has ever attended an organ recital knows that no good concert is complete without stilettos. At least, that’s according to hot and humourous duo Organized Crime, whose Betty and Veronica good looks, costumed antics and serious musical chops are turning the organ world on its head.

TORONTO - The Canadian Opera Company is delving into the turmoil of the French Revolution to tell the story of a group of Carmelite nuns who face death, and how they must rely on their faith in order to accept the horror of their situation to find peace.

TORONTO - Holy Week is always a busy time for students of St. Michael’s Choir School, but four-hour rehearsals this year are not just for their requisite masses at St. Michael’s Cathedral. On Easter Monday, 180 boys from the choir school will board a plane and head to Italy for a series of musical engagements, and the opportunity to sing for Pope Francis.

“He looked right at me.”

Those words, expressed with both reverence and excitement, came from the mouths of almost every member of the Our Lady of Sorrows Ecumenical Choir, just after having been blessed by Pope Benedict XVI at the Papal Mass for the Presentation of Our Lord at St. Peter’s Basilica — certainly, given his resignation announced Feb. 11, one of his last celebrations as our Holy Father.

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