Erik C

Erik C

VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis called for an end to violence against Christians following deadly attacks in two African countries.

BEIRUT - Syriac church leaders denounced the year-end terrorist attack that targeted Christian-owned restaurants in Qamishli, Syria.

MANCHESTER, England - A 78-year-old Catholic priest trapped in his home was among those rescued as floods ravaged the north of England.

December 24, 2015

This is Christ

In the final week of Advent, I was in an Ottawa sandwich shop having coffee with two photographer friends when a man behind us pitched himself into our conversation.

TORONTO - A professor of theology at Toronto’s St. Augustine’s Seminary has been chosen to lead the Syro-Malabarrite Diocese of Chanda, India.

TORONTO - A century ago, the faces of Irish immigrants dominated the congregation at St. Ann’s parish.

TORONTO - A good night’s sleep never did anyone harm. A bad night’s sleep killed 48 babies in Ontario in 2012.

In our normal, daily lives we are invariably so self-preoccupied that we find it difficult to accord others the same reality and value we give to ourselves. It’s difficult for us to live in true empathy because we are forever consumed with our own heartaches and headaches.

The Sisters of the Good Shepherd Toronto are inviting students to help better the lives of women in developing countries this Christmas and beyond.

TORONTO - The only published diary of a high-ranking Holy See official from the Second World War will soon be available in English.