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OTTAWA -- Archbishop Peter Hundt says “sacrifices” will have to be made, but the Archdiocese of St. John’s has to move forward with compassion and understanding after a “dark chapter” of abuse in the Newfoundland archdiocese’s history.

OTTAWA -- Canadian religious organizations are concerned that a proposed bill to ban conversion therapy for youth in Canada could expose religious views on human sexuality to criminal sanction.

OTTAWA -- Canada’s Senate will give its verdict on the federal government’s effort to make it easier for Canadians to legally commit suicide with the help of a doctor by the end of the day Feb. 17.

OTTAWA -- A “cheap shot” tweet directed at Catholics by a Liberal MP has been slammed as “anti-Catholic” by Conservative Garnett Genuis and the Catholic Civil Rights League.

OTTAWA -- The number of people legally put to death in Canada’s largest province continues to go up year after year, new statistics from the Office of Ontario’s Chief Coroner indicate.

OTTAWA -- In a small parish on the outskirts of the nation’s capital, the new year is starting like 2020 ended — with a close eye on the weather forecast.

OTTAWA -- Canada’s Catholic bishops say it is “not too late to reconsider” and stop the expansion of medically-assisted suicide in Canada.

OTTAWA -- Changes that would open up Canada’s legally-sanctioned euthanasia system have been approved by a two-to-one margin by MPs in the House of Commons, but some MPs who voted against the changes say the government unfairly maligned religious Canadians during debate over the contentious issue.

OTTAWA -- The official changing of the guard in Ottawa-Cornwall is now complete.

OTTAWA -- Retiring is proving to be difficult for Archbishop Terrence Prendergast.