Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

Jean Ko Din, The Catholic Register

Jean Ko Din is Youth Editor at The Catholic Register.

You can reach her at or 416-934-3410 ext. 403.

The World Youth Day pilgrimage begins at the local level.

With less than six months before young Canadians leave for Krakow, Poland, this July, youth ministry groups are hard at it preparing their pilgrims for spiritual formation.

Part of the road to reconciliation has to involve a change in culture and nothing moves culture forward more than art.

TORONTO - Sometimes, it takes an outsider to speak the truth about our faith.

January 17, 2016

A Requiem for today

Few artists have left as lasting a legacy as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In just 35 years of life he composed more than 600 musical works that are acknowledged as the pinnacle of symphonic, operatic, orchestral and choral music.

Move over Batman and Daredevil. Here comes the Masked Saint.

For a decade, Steubenville Atlantic has been a symbol of hope for youth ministry on the east coast. Hundreds of youth flock to the Halifax conference every year to encounter Christ together as one Church.

TORONTO - After importing talent in previous years, Canada’s largest Catholic youth conference will have a made-in-Canada label this summer.

Since becoming The Catholic Register’s youth editor in February, I’ve been trying to recapture what it truly means to “give Catholic youth a voice.” To me, it means capturing the energy and the spirit of youth ministry.

TORONTO - The fight over assisted suicide isn’t over yet. A day after a government advisory group released 43 recommendations calling for wide access to assisted suicide, the Catholic Civil Rights League (CCRL) held its annual general meeting Dec. 15 to discuss its concerns and plans for the year ahead, a year when it seems likely Canada will legalized assisted suicide.

The lives of the saints are a huge part of Christian tradition and there are many who we associate with the Christmas season. You probably know the story of St. Nicholas. There’s also, of course, the Nativity story and the birth of Christ, with Mother Mary, St. Joseph and St. Gabriel the Archangel.

But do you recall the least known Christmas saints of them all? Here are just a few.