Catholic Register Staff

Catholic Register Staff

TORONTO - Fr. Jon Hansen and David Wangalwa sit patiently in the waiting area of the Immigration and Refugee Board appeal division office in downtown Toronto.

TORONTO - As Christians, particularly Catholic Christians, “we live our lives between the ashes and the fire,” Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins told more than 100 Catholic businesspeople Feb. 20.

{mosimage}TORONTO - Picture a flower shop window dressed with an array of plants underneath a yellow canopy overhang that reads, “The Centre.” This is how Sarah Villiger describes what to look for to people who are visiting Toronto’s Romero House for the first time.

{mosimage}TORONTO - The people in the pews of both churches and synagogues are being invited to dig into the really meaty issues of Christian-Jewish dialogue at a series of six events in churches and synagogues around Toronto.

{mosimage}TORONTO - Lay pastoral associates have been active in the archdiocese of Toronto for more than 20 years, but today the position has reached a plateau.

{mosimage}Editor’s note: following are the recipients of the proceeds from the 2007 Cardinal’s Dinner held in October in Toronto and the amount disbursed to each organization. A total of $145,500 was disbursed.

TORONTO - Toronto’s archbishop is inviting members of the business community to join him for a Lenten Mass and breakfast on Feb. 20.

{mosimage}TORONTO - In theory all faiths share a commitment to the poor. The ecumenical Christian social justice coalition KAIROS will test out that theory at a meeting for representatives from all faiths to talk about ways of reducing poverty rates in Toronto.

TORONTO - Torontonians will not be flocking to shopping malls this Christmas, or any other statutory holidays, after city council voted to kill a proposal to extend shopping on holidays.

Council voted against the proposal May 12 and have sent it back to committee for more study.

Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins published an open letter to council May 11 urging councillors to "strongly oppose" the proposal that would have seen stores allowed to open on Christmas, Easter Sunday, Good Friday and other holidays.

Toronto Archbishop Thomas Collins has published an open letter to Toronto city council to “strongly oppose” a proposal to permit shopping on holidays, including Christmas and Good Friday.

“Our whole community is made poorer when times sacred to the human spirit are sacrificed so that the last drop of profit may be extracted,” wrote Collins.