Meggie Hoegler, The Catholic Register

Meggie Hoegler, The Catholic Register

Meggie Hoegler is a reporter at The Catholic Register.

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Students at the Toronto Catholic School Board are firm believers that wellness starts with caring for mental health.

Blue is the new green. At least that is the case for the Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is known for its wineries, charming old main street and a possible future prime minister — 14-year-old Bethany Poltl.
There was one little chore that Bob Campbell had put off for years at his Cape Breton home — entering the Tree for Boston contest.
If a child commits a crime, should a parent do the time?

The city of North Tonawanda, N.Y., thinks yes. Located 24 km north of Buffalo, North Tonawanda passed a law in October stating parents could be sentenced to 15 days in jail if their child violates a city law, including bullying, twice in a 90-day period. 
At the Loyola Arrupe Centre in Toronto, seniors are taught how to protect themselves from fraud and elder abuse.
After about 75 years of being hidden in a wall, two windows are shining new light into St. Basil’s Parish.
Catholicism and its fashion have fascinated the secular media for decades.
Making the world a better place is a tall order, but Catholic educators in Ontario are trying to do their part.

“Sorry lady, but I am not going to call you mother.”

The theatre audience snickered during the sole moment of comedy in the film Novitiate. In the scene, a concerned mother of a young novice was confronting the Mother Superior about the wellbeing of her daughter, newly arrived at the convent.

The film, which opened in theatres Nov. 3, follows a 17-year-old novice as she becomes a nun during the mid-1960s. The film has received mixed reviews from critics, both Catholic and secular, for its content and its portrayal of the Church. To some it is historically inaccurate and unworthy of support; to others the story and the message is compelling enough to overlook whatever artistic license the director may have taken. 

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What’s a Catholic movie-goer to think?