Meggie Hoegler, The Catholic Register

Meggie Hoegler, The Catholic Register

Meggie Hoegler is a reporter at The Catholic Register.

You can reach her at or 416-934-3410 ext. 409.

Bishop Mark A. Hagemoen has been named the new bishop of the Diocese of Saskatoon.

Imagine being 16 years old and having to represent 92,000 of your peers.

Every September when the school year begins, new teachers at the Hamilton Catholic District School Board are shown a video with some powerful advice for the classroom: “Imagine you have 30 reflections of God sitting in front of you every day.”

Whether you are nine or 90 years old, everyone needs a best friend.

TORONTO – Parents have a lot of things to worry about on the first day of school. Whether or not their child arrives safely should not be one of them.