Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

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When Chief Phil Fontaine arrives in Rome to meet with Vatican officials and Pope Francis he will be laser focused on having the Holy Father apologize on Canadian soil, in an Indigenous context, for the damage done to children and communities by Catholic participation in the residential school system.

As restaurants, theatres and stadiums open up again, and as daily COVID case counts dwindle across most of the country, the Canadian Grief Alliance estimates that as many as 4.5 million of us are grieving one or more of nearly half-a-million deaths we have experienced in the last 20 months, nearly 29,000 of them directly from COVID.

Regional efforts to raise $30 million on behalf of Indigenous healing and reconciliation projects appear to be on hold while the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops hammers out a national framework for regional and diocesan campaigns.

Higher education for Catholic women has been a fight, and it was the sisters on the front lines.

Since the Aug. 14 earthquake in Haiti killed 2,200, injured 12,250, destroyed or damaged 130,000 houses and left 650,000 hungry, homeless and needing aid, so much has happened in the world it’s safe to say the world’s attention has been anywhere but Haiti.

When the Elliott Allen Institute gathers theologians from across North America for wide ranging discussions of the theological response to climate change on Nov. 12, it won’t be just nibbling at the fashionable edges of theology, says Hilda Koster, the Toronto institute’s new director.

In a major speech at the University of Fribourg, Canadian Cardinal Michael Czerny has made the case for the just begun Synod on Synodality as a deeply necessary and Catholic project that builds upon the graces and truth of the Second Vatican Council.

October 21, 2021

The Catholic Picasso

When Pablo Picasso said “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls,” it wasn’t a casual remark. Picasso thought a lot about his own soul, the soul of the Spanish nation, the soul of 20th-century modern art, and he thought about it in very Catholic terms.

The 2023 Synod on Synodality can’t come fast enough for physician, ethicist and expert on sexual abuse by priests Sr. Nuala Kenny.

Pope Francis isn’t going to let the next global summit on climate change slip by on the same old excuses and empty promises — and Development and Peace - Caritas Canada aims to see Canadian Catholics play their part.