Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael is Associate Editor of The Catholic Register.

He is an award-winning writer and photographer and holds a Master of Arts degree from New York University.

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In the COVID era, there’s no news like science news — the fastest vaccine development in human history has been news all year.

The new boss at St. Joseph’s College in Edmonton happens to be the old boss — but not that old.

On the one hand, human rights might seem obvious. There is surely a minimum of freedoms, responsibilities, care and solidarity owed to all humans just because they are human. On the other hand, is there anything Catholics and Canadians argue about more fervently?

Two sandwiches, a fruit bar, three granola bars, one chocolate bar, maybe a muffin or some other baked treat and a fruit cup all in a brown, paper bag — times 200,000.

The Global Catholic Climate Movement in Canada has a plan to make Catholic money stand up and speak for the environment, against the climate crisis and in favour of reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples.

Three-quarters of Canadians say their country should sign the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty even if the United States and NATO oppose it.

Resurrecting The Resurrection has not been easy. Over 80 singers, dancers, musicians, set designers and more have been through quarantine, donned masks, practised at a distance to remount an Opera Atelier production that was stopped dead in its tracks just before Easter 2020.

The day Presentation Manor went into lockdown for COVID-19 was Charles Hendrick’s birthday, but he wasn’t there to celebrate. He had died the previous October of pancreatic cancer.

As it fights off bankruptcy, Laurentian University has terminated its relationship with its federated universities, including the Jesuit-run Catholic college that helped found the Northern Ontario university.

The Interfaith Social Assistance Reform Coalition is once again battling poverty in Ontario, this time with facts laid out in black and white and printed in a book.