Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

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A proposal by Pope Francis to broaden the pro-life agenda to encompass a wider array of life-related issues is not sitting well with some members of Canada’s pro-life movement.

How young people end up homeless and what happens to them once they’re on the street are basic questions for those who want to end homelessness. 

Leaders of the 26 churches who represent more than 85 per cent of Canada’s Christians are demanding a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss nuclear arms policy.

Who really won the election in Congo matters immensely to the Congolese people, but it also matters to Canada’s Catholic development agency, which spent the last three years helping ordinary Congolese get ready to vote.

Indonesian faith leaders didn’t have look far for inspiration in choosing the prayers for the 111th annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

Neighbouring countries are bracing to receive an additional five million Venezuelan refugees this year on top of the three million people who have already left the crisis-stricken nation.

From his first job in a labour camp to his last job praying for the Society of Jesus, Bishop Atilla Mikloshazy worked hard at one thing — caring for people.

In the absence of a long-promised federal ombudsperson, legal experts have asked the British Columbia Securities Commission to investigate the sale of a Canadian-owned silver mine in Guatemala.

Welfare reforms that leave a big gap between the poverty line and being poor enough to receive benefits could end up forcing Church charities to make up the difference for thousands of disabled and marginally employable Ontarians.

In his annual World Day of Peace message, Pope Francis has some sharp words for politicians. A couple of Canadian political veterans believe the Pope’s warnings about modern politics are spot on.