Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

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This year’s Earth Day announcement of organizations shedding their investments in fossil fuels rang up another 31 religious institutions globally divesting from oil, gas and coal, and a Canadian order is expected to soon add to that number.

Pope Francis is getting personally involved in making sure sacred items and cultural artifacts held in the Vatican Museums are returned to Canadian Indigenous communities.

Zane Chu picked up his PhD in theology just shy of two years ago. At 37, as a sessional instructor at St. Mark’s College in Vancouver, his career in theology is just getting underway.

Born into the Church, she balanced faith with social justice

Concerns about excessive centralization in the education system, with Queen’s Park encroaching on school board autonomy, are getting kid-glove treatment from Catholic trustees’ associations while the union representing Catholic teachers is raising red flags.

If North American Catholics have become polarized, fragmented and distressed they have an answer at hand in the most basic sacramental truth of the Church — belonging comes with baptism.

That nice new priest? Turns out it was Archbishop Leo.

By the time the Catholic Book of Worship III hits its 30th birthday in 2024, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops hopes to have its replacement sitting in the pews.

“Women in time to come will do much,” Mary Ward said 400 years ago, and for 175 years in Toronto, the Loretto Sisters have proved their founder a prophet.

Rosella Kinoshameg means more to the Jesuits of Canada than the Jesuit Fathers can really say. But they said it anyway by giving her the 2023 Magis Award at the 15th annual Jesuit Provincial’s Dinner held April 12, just north of Toronto.