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Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

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Even though a substantial number of people the Lok Manch organization serves are illiterate or never properly schooled, the easiest way to start a Lok Manch meeting is to have everyone stand up and recite the pre-amble to India’s constitution, said Jesuit lawyer Fr. Stanislaus Jebamalai.

The cry for more palliative care continues to grow louder in Canada. While protesting the introduction of legislation expected to expand access to assisted suicide next  month, Canada’s bishops joined many advocates in decrying stalled plans to give Canadians the alternative of palliative care.

Mark Kartusch is a 53-year-old suburban dad, overseer of a real estate windfall and the guy entrusted to make sure a Catholic agency serving more than 6,000 vulnerable families has a future despite declining government funding.

As most Canadians support fewer restrictions on assisted suicide, disability activists are worried the current system lacks safeguards.

“Simple trust in the provident hand of God,” will be the key to Christian unity, Cardinal Thomas Collins told more than 300 people who gathered for the final liturgy of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in Toronto Jan. 26.

For the first time in a half-century, Development and Peace will appeal for funds during Lent without an explicit letter of support from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. 

Calling Gaza “an open air prison,” the president of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and bishops from Europe and the United States are warning that peace between Palestine and Israel is slipping away.

Catholic organizations and their allies in Haitian civil society are condemning their own government and the international community on the 10th anniversary of the 2010 earthquake that left the country in ruins. 

The Ontario government is inviting public input as it drafts a new five-year poverty reduction strategy.

If you think St. Augustine instilled the Church with phobias about sex, you probably don’t understand St. Augustine, PhD student Meghan Bowen told an audience of theology students Jan. 9 at Regis College in Toronto.