Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

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Canada’s Jesuits have decided to consecrate their Toronto offices to the Sacred Heart of Jesus on June 25, during the month traditionally dedicated to the Sacred Heart. 

After 42 years of digging wells, setting up water purification systems, organizing villagers to demand better education, health care, roads and infrastructure, a little Canadian-Indian development agency estimates it has helped four million people live a better life in rural India.

Canadians haven’t quite made up their minds about designer babies, but at least one Catholic scientist thinks the Church should be part of the conversation about editing human genes.

Eighteen-year-old Rachel Kung is off to university this September, launching her independent, adult life. Her parents, Herbert and Jessica, might be nervous, but not Rachel. Rachel’s confidence is backed up by her grandfather, Thomas.

Three girls, a lot of elastic bands, a stack of coloured paper and a lot of love went into raising $85 for the Angel Foundation at Toronto’s St. Joachim’s Catholic School.

The Church has a major communications problem when it comes to clerical abuse.

That’s the conclusion from communications professionals working for the Church after seeing the results of an Angus Reid Institute poll that said more than three-quarters of Canadians (78 per cent) believe the Catholic Church has done a poor or very poor job of handling the sexual abuse crisis.

Having lost twice in court, the battle for conscience rights for health care workers in Ontario is now a political battle.

As if tariffs, climate change and immigration policy wasn’t enough to put a wedge between Canada and the U.S., abortion laws across the states — and the lack of a law here — has become another thorny political issue. 

Canadian pro-lifers are talking up American legislation that bans or severely restricts abortion, raising the question of whether American abortion debates will travel north of the border.

Ontario Catholics should never assume publicly-funded Catholic schools will continue to form generation after generation of youth, according to the author of a concise history of the province’s Catholic schools.