Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

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The sudden departure of a Jesuit priest as director of spiritual services at the University of Sudbury has sparked doubts about the school’s commitment to its Catholic roots and spurred a petition demanding the university keep him on.

Kim Tait is not your typical rock star. 

A majority of Quebec residents favour a ban on religious symbols, but they are split on how to punish those who would break the proposed new law, a poll reveals.

“We are called beyond ourselves to the glory of God,” Cardinal Thomas Collins told a packed St. Michael’s Cathedral as he ordained four men to the priesthood on May 11.

The news of Asia Bibi’s arrival in Canada after more than eight years on death row in Pakistan set off celebrations in many corners of the world, but few could compare with the jubilation felt by a group of Canadian volunteers who have fought for years on her behalf.

Catholic parents have been put on notice that their child’s breakfast is under threat from provincial budget cuts.

On average, each Ontario student is going to be worth 0.44 per cent less in terms of funding beginning this September.

A plague of threats and attacks on religious people and institutions in Canada is challenging believers to stand up for one another, faith leaders said in the wake of a new Statistics Canada report on hate crimes.

It is not a cliché to say Jean Vanier practised what he preached.

Janet Somerville is afraid she might set her apartment on fire. She might forget a candle, or a kettle, or a pot on the stove. It happened once recently — a candle on the bookcase burning down until the flame spread to the bookcase itself. She made a panicked 911 call, then doused the flames well before the fire engines roared into the courtyard. But she gave herself a fright.