Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael is Associate Editor of The Catholic Register.

He is an award-winning writer and photographer and holds a Master of Arts degree from New York University.

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Love and pictures go together. You can piece together who and what anybody loves by the pictures on their phone, the pictures they hang on their walls, the pictures pinned to their cubicle at work and the pictures they’ve posted to Facebook.

The global refugee crisis is transforming Catholic outreach, as agencies and the communities they serve struggle to bring basic services to 66 million people displaced by war, famine and natural disaster and another 258 million voluntary migrants seeking a better life outside their home countries.
Singing along with Christmas is easy. Easter oratorios are always a big draw. But Lent is often left off our musical diet.
One of the Church’s most outspoken leaders urged a rapt audience in St. Michael’s Cathedral to embrace silence and be alert to the danger of filling their days with constant news and distraction.

In 2015 the Pope gave an interview to the Mexican media giant Televisa and said, “I have the sense that my pontificate will be brief — four or five years.” On March 13 he will have hit the five-year mark. He is 81 years old.

The latest weapon aimed at the heart of Ontario’s pimps and purveyors of flesh is a toll-free phone number.
Canada is on track to fall even further behind other countries in doing its bit for the world’s most vulnerable populations, despite an extra $200 million injected into the 2018 foreign aid budget.

There was a sea of youth in a Brampton, Ont., convention centre on March 7 to meet four men about to be ordained priests, plus an array of habited sisters there to explain their lives under vows.

When it comes to higher learning, you can’t get higher than the ultimate.

The future of giving in Canada’s Catholic Church has only just arrived, or at least it arrived within the last generation.