Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

Michael Swan, The Catholic Register

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The vocation of serving vocations is little understood and rarely appreciated, but it’s something that appealed to Fr. Stephan Kappler like nothing else.

Canada has a new ombudsperson for corporate responsibility abroad, 15 months after the government announced it was creating the post. But unions and NGOs are reacting angrily to uncertainty and limitations over the ombudsperson’s powers to investigate human rights abuses.

Ontario was home to 1,499 instances of assisted suicide last year, a 77.8-per-cent increase over 2017, according to numbers released by Ontario’s Office of the Chief Coroner.

Starving Ontario’s school boards of money will eventually lead to the loss of Catholic education, protesters told The Catholic Register during a rally at Queen’s Park.

Just 25 years after Leo Kabalisa lost his parents, his brothers, his uncles, his aunts and most of his friends in 100 days of frenzied killing in Rwanda, he is seeing a rising tide of Rwandan genocide denial, justification, equivocation and outright amnesia.

Children are in danger and Jesuit Fr. Hans Zollner believes the Catholic Church is uniquely placed to protect them.

Development and Peace is assuring donors a review of the practices of 52 partner agencies will end soon while two archbishops are going the extra mile to support the Catholic development agency.

Canada’s Jesuits are tweaking their sexual abuse policy less than three years after their last update, but as they do so they’re matching their policy with prayer.

March 28, 2019

Out of Business

A third of Canada’s Christian architecture, some 9,000 churches, will close in the next 10 years, according to the National Trust for Canada.

Catholic parents fear the massive March 15 education cuts are just the opening salvo of a campaign to fold Ontario’s Catholic schools into a unified public system, while French Catholic trustees are warning of much deeper cuts to come.