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Charles Lewis: Pronouns are no big deal, right? Wrong

  • December 1, 2017
I have two groups I associate with socially: One group consists mainly of secular friends, many I’ve known for decades during my career in journalism; the other group is Catholic, the people I’m involved with in various pro-life causes or RCIA or those I see each week at Mass.

Sometimes these groups spill into each other but generally there is a real demarcation line. It’s not something I planned or desired but it’s a reality nonetheless.

It is actually with my secular friends that I’m often forced to think more deeply than I am with my religious cohorts. It came up the other night with two people I have a great deal a respect for. They could not fathom why I object to those who demand non-traditional honorifics. This is the kind of
. One interrogator said by even debating pronouns Shepherd was helping to create “an unsafe learning environment for students.”

It gets worse:

Interrogator: “In legitimizing this as a valid perspective, as this is another valid perspective…

Shepherd: “In a university all perspectives are valid.”

Interrogator: “That’s not necessarily true.”

So much for pronouns being no big deal, so much for debate, so much for independent thinking and democracy. But, hey, no skin off our noses, right?

(Lewis is a Toronto writer and regular contributor to The Catholic Register.)

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