Cathy Majtenyi: We need to beware losing fear of evil

Store displays and front lawns are filling up with skeletons, ghosts and all things ghoulish in preparation for Halloween, a favourite occasion among most children.

  • By Cathy Majtenyi

Leah Perrault: Meeting the challenge of thanks

Thanks is a word and a way of being. It seeks out the gift in what is. It assumes there is a gift to be seen here. In the hardest seasons of my life, thanks has been a ladder out of darkness. A therapist once reminded me through my tears that what we focus on is magnified. When we actively practise gratitude, the gifts of the present become easier to see.

  • By Leah Perrault

Sr. Helena Burns: Handy hints to overcome rosary stuggles

Are you struggling with the rosary? Struggling with praying the rosary? You are not alone. Many Catholics feel super guilty for not praying the rosary very much or at all.

  • By Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

Glen Argan: Lack of transparency shatters credibility

The doctrine of the Trinity provides the clearest insight into the nature of God as love as well as into the fullness of the human person. Christianity is best understood in the light of three divine persons who are infinite, overflowing love. Society could benefit enormously if it understood God as trinitarian love and our call as that of living in light of such love.

  • By Glen Argan

Peter Stockland: ‘At least now there is acknowledgment’

Even in the world of what the late, great Allan Fotheringham called the “shy egomania” of journalism, moments of humility tilt unexpectedly upward their beautiful faces and make you see anew.

  • By Peter Stockland

Fr. Raymond de Souza: Money will be raised, but how to spend it?

The Catholic bishops of Canada have made a “financial pledge” with a “target of $30 million” over five years “as a tangible expression of their commitment to walk with the Indigenous Peoples of this land.” Local parishes will be “encouraged” to take up special collections “to support healing and reconciliation initiatives for residential school survivors, their families and their communities.”

  • By Fr. Raymond J. de Souza

Glen Argan: God’s gifts are to be shared with all

Alberta residents will have their say later this month on the legitimacy of Canada’s system of equalization payments to poorer provinces. The United Conservative Party government of Jason Kenney has ordered a referendum, as part of municipal elections across the province, on whether the constitutional provision for tax sharing with poorer provinces should be abolished.

  • By Glen Argan

Charles Lewis: Courage took back seat in leaders’ debate

Nothing really happened in the election of 2021. Except for one thing that you might have missed if you happened to yawn or blink during the English leaders debate on Sept. 9.

Luke Stocking: The world is full of God’s grandeur

It’s 4:30 a.m. and I cannot sleep. I am too excited. Same thing happened yesterday. I am sitting up in bed in a Comfort Inn in North Bay, Ont. My brother is beside me, also awake. In several hours we will head into Algonquin Park back country for four days in search of brook trout. It is supposed to rain the whole time. And yet, I am still excited.

  • By Luke Stocking

Gerry Turcotte: How to live the liturgy through everyday work

There is an old joke that asks what the difference is between a liturgist and a terrorist. The punchline: You can negotiate with a terrorist.

  • By Gerry Turcotte

Glen Argan: Tax the rich resonates, but is it feasible?

Last month’s federal election fell on the eve of the feast of St. Matthew the tax collector. Matthew, of course, was an employee of the Roman occupying forces in Judah, doing the dirty work of taking from the poor and giving to the rich.

  • By Glen Argan