Have you heard of “The Warning” (aka “The Illumination of Consciences”)?

Glen Argan: ‘Me first’ tradition lives on with vaccines

By Glen Argan

At the beginning of the current pandemic, there was much discussion about the need for a new normal to emerge after the crisis. Yet increasingly, old divisions are being exacerbated and the dominance of the rich over the poor is being repeated in new ways. Instead of moving toward a more equitable global sharing of resources, wealthier nations cling to the sad tradition of “me first” in allocating vaccines to battle the coronavirus.

Cathy Majtenyi: Let’s focus on the big picture

By Cathy Majtenyi

Fear and anger. These are some of the strong emotions many Canadians have experienced in preparing to vote in the Sept. 20 federal election.

Peter Stockland: Best, worst of times for abortion debate

By Peter Stockland

Even for pro-lifer Catholics labouring in the political trenches, it must seem a blessing in disguise that abortion has so far failed to get off the ground as a federal election issue.

Leah Perrault: Moving forward by doing what you can

By Leah Perrault

I have been listening to people within my (Catholic) faith community wrestle in a deeper way with Truth and Reconciliation this summer. The reckoning has been too long coming. Saskatchewan columnist Doug Cuthandrecently wrote that Canadians may be waking up to face our collective residential school history.  I hope he’s right. And I hope that the same will be said of the Catholic Church in this season.

Gerry Turcotte: Set in stone? Not the historical record

By Gerry Turcotte

In the Book of Daniel, Nebuchadnezzar summons the magicians, enchanters and sorcerers of his kingdom to explain a troubling dream he has had. In a test of their ability, he declines to tell them what he dreamt, but instead insists that they reveal it to him and put it into context. The Chaldeans respond that no one could do such a thing “except the gods,” prompting the king to issue a decree that all wise men be executed.

Fr. Raymond de Souza: Centuries-old promise fulfilled in Temple

By Fr. Raymond J. de Souza

Candidates for beatification don’t get to choose where they are beatified.

Robert Kinghorn: Encounters on a warm summer evening

By Robert Kinghorn

Warm weather can bring out the best and the worst in the parishioners of the church on the street. It can lull them into a state of lassitude that can only be equalled by a homily that has lost sight of its destination, or else stir them into frenetic anger fuelled by an assortment of illicit stimulants.

Luke Stocking: An ode to sustainable development

By Luke Stocking

“We didn’t have any houses destroyed.”

Glen Argan: Christ’s love will fulfil our needs

By Glen Argan

Pope Francis’ decision to tighten restrictions on the use of the Tridentine liturgy has been the most significant global Catholic news story of the summer.

Sr. Helena Burns: Beware the trail that is built on lies

By Sr. Helena Burns, FSP

When the Russian dissident and author Alexander Solzhenitsyn was expelled from the Soviet empire in 1974, he wrote a famous exhortation to his countrymen entitled “Live Not By Lies.” Solzhenitsyn spent years doing hard labour in prison camps, survived and dared to write about his experience in The Gulag Archipelago. Not only did he write his own story, but he gathered and recounted the tragic stories of those who didn’t make it out alive.