VATICAN – Everyone must help in the fight against drugs, particularly governments which are called to confront the "traffickers of death" who produce, distribute or sell addictive substances, Pope Francis said.
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All things considered, when the initial haze of marijuana smoke clears on Oct. 17 things are expected to be just as they were the day before in schools around Canada. But that doesn’t mean educators will be complacent.

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Coming to a location near you: OCS, the Ontario government’s latest retail venture, set to open its doors later this year.

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MANCHESTER, England – In a U-turn of proposed policy, Britain's pharmacy regulator has declared that Catholic pharmacists should not be forced to dispense lethal drugs against their consciences.

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With opioids now killing two people per day in Ontario, some school boards are preparing to equip staff with the overdose antidote Naloxone.

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The request was simple: “I’m going south for a week, could you give me a ride to the airport and pick me up on my way back?”

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OTTAWA – A public agency has recommended that Canada’s taxpayers foot the bill for the abortion drugs mifepristone and misoprostol.

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VATICAN CITY – Drug addiction is a contemporary form of slavery, Pope Francis lamented Thursday, emphasizing that a rehabilitation which restores victims' joy and dignity is much needed.

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MANILA, Philippines – As the body count rises in the Philippines' war on drugs, a Catholic priest is trying to create a space where healing takes precedence over killing.

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MEXICO CITY – A Catholic bishop in the southern Mexican state of Guerrero has called for compassion toward the impoverished populations harvesting opium poppies out of necessity, saying such people are not sinners and are neglected by the government.

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Around the globe, a worldwide addiction to illicit drugs is fueling violence, human trafficking, a proliferation of guns, organized crime and terrorism, the Vatican has said.

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Can playing video games help youth kick a drug habit? Hamilton’s Good Shepherd centre is hoping to find out.

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VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis said legalizing marijuana and other so-called “recreational drugs” has never curbed drug addiction rates and has little impact on the criminal organizations trafficking drugs around the world.

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On April 20 as thousands across North America protested anti-drug laws by smoking pot, Grade 8 students at St. Jude Catholic School picked up paintbrushes to promote a different drug message — say no.

“It’s sheer coincidence but, to a certain extent, what better day to work on a project like this than a day a large part of society is raising that level of acceptance,” said Nick Biagini, St. Jude’s principal. “It helps them to become aware of the dangers of drugs, even drugs that they feel are light. They can become gateways for other more addictive drugs.”

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TORONTO - There are 9,000 injection drug users in Toronto and another 3,000 in Ottawa. They face arrest all the time. Many addicts live in neighbourhoods with a concentration of counselling and detox facilities. The federal government has launched anti-drug subway posters to combat the problem.

Chances are there will still be 12,000 injection drug users in Ontario’s two biggest cities next year and the year after that.

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