May 18, 2023

The art of work

Vince Pietropaolo’s lens points us to who built Canada.

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Pope Francis challenged young Catholics to “transform an economy that kills into an economy of life” at a three day “Economy of Francesco” meeting in Assisi Sept. 22-24.

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The pandemic has led to a resurgence in the tradition of family board games, including one called Pandemic. My own family has favoured a word association game called Codenames. There is another game on our shelf though that I find myself thinking about these days — Monopoly. 

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Next week, Pope Francis will issue a new encyclical which will add to a train of teaching that can be traced back to the Second Vatican Council or, if you can imagine it, to the eighth century BC.

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Given the chance to tell politicians from Ottawa about poverty, Sr. Sue Mosteller didn’t want to argue about economics.

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VATICAN CITY – The more women are involved in and contribute to communities, politics, economics and the church, the more positive changes will come about, Pope Francis said.

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Palliative care is a human right and should be available to all Canadians and end-of-life choices should not be driven by economics, Dying With Dignity CEO Shanaaz Gokool has told The Catholic Register.

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Timely, fully-funded and widely available palliative care could save Canada’s health care system between $7,000 and $8,000 per patient, claims a new paper from the Canadian Society of Palliative Care Physicians.

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As society grapples with the rising cost of health care comes word of potential savings of up to $124 million annually from the legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide. It turns out that lethal injection is good business. Who didn’t see this coming?

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VATICAN CITY – The current economic model that places profit over the common good of all human beings must change in order to confront the challenges the world is facing today, a Vatican official said.

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VATICAN CITY – An economic vision geared solely toward profit and material well-being has led to an economy of exclusion and inequality that has increased poverty and the number of people discarded "as unproductive and useless," Pope Francis said. 

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VATICAN CITY - Canonization week in Rome served as something of an informal annual general meeting. The universal Church was catching up with herself after a momentous year since Conclave 2013, and everyone was talking about our new Holy Father. Over these weeks, I hope to share with readers some of what I heard about Francis’ reforming papacy from those in Rome from around the world.

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