The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing Catholic youth around the world to cope with Mass cancellations, isolation and increasing fear. Yet even in this darkness, their faith is lighting the way. 

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“You better not have any excuses for being bored.”

That was always my parents’ warning at the start of every summer as we had books, board games, bikes and other various activities to enjoy. What they really meant was for us to “take advantage of the situation and appreciate the present as much as possible because there might be something in the future that will make this a fond memory.”

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When Fr. Rico Passero celebrates Mass in these days of crisis, he does so with a full congregation joining him.

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DENVER, Colo. – It was August in Rome, the dog days of summer, and most people had left the Eternal City for the beach or another summer holiday destination.

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November 14, 2014

Suicide threatens teens

Amanda is recovering after battling depression for three years. The Grade 12 student, 18, is thankful for friends who helped stop her from taking her own life. 

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